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Isobar™ Information

Isobar™ is an extruded polymide material specially formulated for superior strength and increased insulation. In addition, the thermal coefficient of expansion is close to that of aluminum decreasing the dry shrinkage problem associated with normal pour and debridge methods making Isobar not only suitable for “thermal breaks” but also for weather-stripping grooves and other parts where rigid PVC or aluminum is used. Two-tone windows incur no additional cost to produce. Additional savings can be achieved by using more expensive finishes on the outside and lower cost finishes on the inside. Combinations of anodized Kynar paint, acrylic baked enamel paint and powder paint are possible.



-Isobar 200 series is the standard used throughout europe, reconizing the need for thermal break cost compatible to the United states pour and debridge. 


-Isobar 100 series is approximantly 60% the cost of the 200 series. Windows rated as high as AW170 using isobar 100. Techcon Group developed this series to fufill the need of a low cost reliable Isobar. 





Benifits of Isobar™

  • Lower cost than traditional pour and debridge urethane system

  • Higher strength

  • Better insulation properties

  • No added cost for two-tone extrusions

  • Easy to machine and can have hardware applied to it

  • Almost eliminates dry shrinkage

  • Can be used in other parts of the design, not just thermal break


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